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How do I join? What is the process?

I'm glad you asked. If you have never created an account on the DCHSA site before, this is where you start. First, read this info all the way through and then fill in the info below completely and click SAVE.
To join you must read and agree to uphold applicable portions of the Texas Education Code
To join you also agree with the Terms of Use (link below form).
Part of the info below is a Family Profile Questionaire. That is basically some information that will help us know who you are and what your homeschooling goals and ideals are.

"Why do you want to know that?"

Well, our purpose here is to support homeschooling families and to help homeschooling families support each other. We want to be sure that whoever asks to join our organization has that same purpose in mind and that our members are protected from things that aren't inline with those puposes.

"I heard this was a 'Christian' group. Do I have to be a Christian or agree with that to join?"

The DCHSA is founded on Christian principles and the board of directors must agree with and sign a statement of faith (see it here). BUT our members are not required to agree with or sign that statement of faith. But please know that this group is founded on those principles and run by people that believe whole-heartedly in them. We will not try to force them on anyone but it is there and you will see them in how we operate (such as praying at events) and hopefully you will see them in how we behave as a group.

"What happens after the questionaire?"

After you submit the info below, we will look at the information you provided and approve (hopefully) your application to join. You will receive an email letting you know when this happens (usually within 48 hours, or sooner).
You can then pay your membership fee and start to enjoy being a DCHSA member.
Please be assured that all of the information you provide (including and especially your children's information) is only for the purpose of what we do here at the DCHSA. We do not use this information in any way other than for your account creation. Nor do we give or sell this information to anyone for any reason, ever. We have kids, too, so we are also concerned about personal information and how it is used. You have our word that all of your information is safe and will not be misused.
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