Denton County Home School Association is a support group for homeschooling families living in and around Denton County, Texas. We facilitate networking among homeschooling families and offer resources, activities, and local homeschooling information to our members.

DCHSA is based upon a distinctly Christian worldview. From this worldview stems our conviction that true education cannot take place apart from the acknowledgment of the one true Creator God and the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. While member families are not required to be Christian or sign a doctrinal statement, all members of the Board of Directors must agree with the Statement of Faith.

Members of DCHSA enjoy a variety of benefits, including access to member's only parts of the website, the facebook group and yahoo group. read more about member benefits »

DCHSA also offers events and activities for members such as field trips, workshops, spelling bee, science fairs, athletics, and graduation ceremonies read more about events »